Events / Placements:

Workshops & National Conferences:

  • V. Sidda Reddy, K.Ramakrishna Reddy and A.Raju attended one day workshop on “Software Offerings to Academics” at JNTU Hyderabad on 23 Nov, 3013 conducted by IBM & SPsoft.
  • A. Raju , J. Suneetha and III B.Tech CSE students attended two day “National Conference on Information Security” at JNTU Hyderabad from 31st Jan – 1st Feb 2014 conducted by SIT Hyderabad and CSI Hyderabad chapter.

Guest Lectures & Seminars:

  • Conducted Guest Lecture on Compiler Design (24th , Mar, 2014)
  • Conducted two day workshop on Web Technologies (14th – 15th Mar ,2014)
  • Conducted seminar on Enhancing Technical Capabilities (6th, Feb,2014)
  • Conducted Guest Lecture on Computer Forensics (25th , Oct, 2013)
  • Conducted Guest Lecture on Operating Systems (27th ,Sep, 2013)
  • Conducted seminar on Self Development for Success (2nd Aug, 2014)