Laboratories are established as per the curriculum of JNTUH University, Hyderabad. Laboratories are the body of the Department and faculty the Soul.

S.No. Name of the Laboratory Major Equipment
1 Electrical Circuits Laboratory Superposition theorem kit
Theveninís and Nortonís theorem kit
2 Electrical Machines Laboratory I 3HP/220V/1500rpm DC shunt motor coupled with compound generator.
3KW/220V/1500rpm DC series motor.
3 Electrical Machines Laboratory II 5 HP/3KVA Alternator.
5 HP/3-phase synchronous motor.
4 Control Systems and Simulation Laboratory Programmable logic controller unit.
Magnetic amplifier unit.
5 Power Electronics and Simulation Laboratory Forced commutation circuit unit.
1-phase fully controlled bridge converter with R & RL load.
6 Electrical Measurements Laboratory Energy meter with resistive and capacitive load.
Measurement of 3-phase reactive power with single-phase wattmeter.
All the Laboratories are open even after class hours so that students can work in labs.

Digital Class Room

Digital class rooms are available for students where power point presentations, video sessions and webinars are conducted for students for better understanding of concepts.