R & D Publications


Name of the Author Name of the Title Name of the Journal/Conferenence ISSN or ISBN No.
1 K.Srishylam,
Prof.Radha Krishna
Design of opencore protocol for system on chip applications Institutions of Engineers (India) IE PROCEEDINGS
2 B.Srinivas
Dr.K.Manjunatha Chary
3D Wavelet Transform for Motion-Compensated Highly Scalable Video Compression Second International Conference on ICIECE – 2013, 9th & 10th August, 2013. Sl. No: 28, Page No: 146-151; ICIECE – 2013
3 G.Ravi, K.Srishylam Image compression by DWT IJECCE  
4 K.Srishylam,
Implementation of Hybrid CSA, Modified Booth Algorithm and Transient power Minimization techniques in DSP/Multimedia Applications. IJECCE Vol.2, Issue.6
ISSN:2248 - 9622
5 K.Srishylam,
Prof.Syed Amjad Ali, M.Praveena
  SPST Technique in VMFU & DSP Applications IJERA Vol.2, Issue.7
ISSN:3250 - 3279
6 K.Srishylam,
Prof.Venkat Reddy
HDL Implementation of 2-D lifting based Discrete Wavelet Transform IJECCE Vol.2, Issue.6
ISSN:2250  - 2278
  • Text Books Published:
  • A text book “Design Manual on Signals and Signal Processing Simulation using MATLAB” from Srinivasa Publications, SITECH, Chevella, and RR Dist. (In-house Book)
  • “Probability Theory and Stochastic Process”, Anuradha Publication Chennai.
ISBN: 978-81-8472-242-0
Authors: B.Srinivas and B. Venkanna

    • It is our honor and pride to affirm that our faculty initiated students projects has been sent for the AICTE FUNDED PRJOECTS as it encourages the college innovations, namely
    • “Gas Leakage Preventing system at home”, ”Image processing system”, “Open core Protocol”.